Self Service Password Reset

In order to give staff more control over forgotten passwords and the password reset process, MCPS will be implementing a technology that allows staff to reset their own passwords. The service, Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) lets you choose the best way to validate your identity and update your password, including: challenge questions, having a code sent directly to your mobile phone or alternative email, or using an application you can install on your mobile phone. Additionally, the new technology takes advantage of the language settings from your device’s operating system and provides this service with the same language settings.

Once active, SSPR will prompt you to set up your recovery options when you log in to Office 365 on the web. You can skip setting up SSPR, but it is highly encouraged that all staff set up their recovery options so that they do not need to call the Help Desk in case of needing a password reset.

More information coming soon!